Sometimes I have found myself almost depressed after I had a revelation of how I needed to change in a particular area of my life. Even after experiencing true repentance and reflecting the needed change in my life.  I would dwell on the fact that there were many things I squandered over the years related to the area I was dealing with.  I thought about how I could have spent more time with my kids, opportunities to minister to others, spent less hours on counter-productive thoughts and activities, the list goes on.   So often, I have said to myself, “why didn’t I do this sooner“.  I buried myself with regret and disappointment.  When instead, I should have been expressing gratitude that I was finally able to recognize the need for change and celebrating the blessing of God’s forgiveness.   But in my prayer time, God began to show me something very liberating regarding my response to “squandered time”.

In our human world we relate to events within the realm of time, but with God, He is not limited by time.  He does not measure His plan in days or years.  God interacts with us from the basis of His purposes and principles alone.  He measures “reality” against His Word.  The only time that exists in relation between God and man is today.  “Today is the day of salvation”, not “it should have been yesterday, years ago, or even tomorrow”.  Yes, we most likely will experience certain consequences for sins of yesterday, but that is to produce the purposes of God in our lives today, as well as in the lives of others.  These consequences are not because we should have done something earlier in time.  God’s purposes and principles transcends our earthly limitation of time.  This is why God’s Word proclaims we are to “rejoice” in today, not yesterday, and not tomorrow, but TODAY!  “Today is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!”  When we truly trust the Lord today, we do not have to worry about past or the future.  He is able to perform His purposes in our lives and the lives of others if we repent, trust and celebrate TODAY!

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