What are the principles of faith that LA is founded on?

LA believes that each person is created by God and given unique gifts to discover and apply in their journey towards a divine destiny.  Because of God’s love and redeeming grace through Christ Jesus, we are given His Spirit to work within and through us in all areas of our lives.  We are fulfilled when our destiny is in alignment with His purposes.  LA proclaims the Holy Scriptures of God’s Word as its foundation for Truth.

Does LA offer training/certification for life coaching?

Training and certification is at the heart of LALA’s goal is to train and certify at least 5 additional coaches in the next 24 months.  If you are interested in being a life coach, then contact LA to be in the loop for upcoming training opportunities.

What other resources are available from LA

LA offers many assessments, inspirational books/workbooks, strategic guides, seminars, retreats, and an alliance of specialized experts in the areas of finance, law, psycho-therapy, addiction, and more.

What other types of services will LA be offering?

Spiritual Retreats (“Soul Excursions”)
High Impact Seminars/Workshops

What areas of speciality does LA offer?

Personal Development (Discovering gifts, passions, calling and purpose; relationships, financial strategies, leadership)
Business Strategy (Career & business planning, new business, business expansion, business leadership, personell, marketing)
Ministry Development (New ministry endeavors/transitions/strategy, Pastoral coaching, Ministry Leadership)

What topics will be discussed in a coaching session?

The LA sessions are designed to revolve around whatever area of life the client wants to address.  So whether your desire is to spend time to assess gifts, tendencies, personality traits and passions in order to pursue purpose-driven opportunities for your life or you are wanting to venture into a new business, career or ministry, the LA sessions are client-driven.

How are Person Life Coaching and Therapy alike and different?

In both, the client enters into a professional, confidential relationship to make some life changes. Communication is an essential part of this change process. Over time, with regular on-going sessions: change is expected to occur.

Therapy focuses on healing and correcting past problematic behavior, while Life Coaching is more positive and motivational and focuses on helping the client maximize and get the most quality out of living their Life.

It is largely a difference of perspective and goals, for example:

Coaching Model
Create and achieve specific goals, values and desires
Maximize personal fulfillment and achievement in life
Explore possibilities and create a vision for the future and a plan to live it
Maximize satisfaction and enjoyment in life
Based on learning and putting goals into action
Focused on discovering one’s strengths, talents, abilities and applying own knowledge
A co-creative partnership to promote positive change, inspiration, self-discovery, balance and design a better life

Therapy Model
Relieve or eliminate symptoms of pain and suffering
Stabilize and restore pre-illness level of functioning
Correct the wrongs and hurts of the past to restore the present
Minimize and avoid further pain, suffering and problems
Based on the medical model of treating an illness
Focused on symptoms and a diagnosis of one’s problematic behaviors and problems
Therapist as the expert and client as the patient trying to resolve issues and restore health

How many months do coaching sessions go on for?

That is really up to you and what you want to accomplish. We strongly encourage you to make a commitment to stick with coaching for at least 3 months. The national average for a life coaching relationship is 6 to 9 months, while many continue their sessions beyond a year in order to experience the greatest possible benefits and to firmly establish tangible progress on their goals. Of course, you are completely free to cancel the coaching partnership at any time that you feel it ceases to meet your needs.

We are devoted to having 100% Satisfied Clients.

Is there a guarantee I will see results?

LA guarantees that we will give 100% to our Coaching Relationship.  You can count on us to be honest with you. We will do our best to provide an environment that is non-judgmental; a place for new learning, trust, encouragement, positive accountability and fun.

What does LA Life Coaching process consist of ?

TLC offers a complementary initial session to explain the coaching strategy, discuss your coaching needs, clarify questions and concerns, and to get to know each other.  Prior to your next session you will receive a Welcome Packet that consists of details pertaining to the Life Coaching process, profile assessment and specially designed homework items to complete before the next session.

Sessions are in-person or by phone, but may also be done by email if that is more suitable to your needs.

Client contacts LA to schedule a session.
Sessions are usually about 45 minutes in length.
Sessions are scheduled in monthly increments with 3-4 sessions per month along with email and phone correspondence through the month.
Client may email their coach as frequently as desired between sessions.
Client may call briefly between sessions when appropriate.
All sessions and client information is strictly confidential.

Payments are due the first of the month, in advance for that month’s coaching sessions. You may conveniently and safely pay online by credit card, Paypal or in person by check or cash.

What is Life Coaching and Leadership Alliance (LA) all about?

Life coaching is a rapidly growing world-wide profession that comprises the best from psychology, consultation, philosophy, mentoring, spirituality, business leadership, career/ministry development, finances, motivation and personal change.

It is a journey of spiritual, personal & professional discovery.  LA will focus on where you are now, and moving you forward to a more meaningful future by expanding your perspective, and create new learning opportunities.

A Life Coach is similar to a personal fitness trainer, only the goal is for you to live a purpose-driven life to the best of your abilities.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines Coaching as an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or ministries. Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.

Coaching is action-oriented and future-focused. LA’s role is to help you set meaningful goals, make regular progress, and achieve these goals, while holding you accountable for those goals and to make sure you live up to your calling in life. Since Life Coaching is future oriented, working with LA creates clarity and keeps you moving forward.  Through LA you will recognize what barriers stand between you and your ultimate goals in life. Working with LA requires effort on your part to make small changes that create big results.  LA will offer you support, structure, and honest feedback. LA will help you explore new options, seek new resources, and understand that you have a God-given dream to live by providing the necessary tools, support and structure to accomplish more.