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Coaching for your Life, Career and Ministry.

Life coaching is a rapidly growing world-wide profession that comprises the best from psychology, consultation, philosophy, mentoring, spirituality, business leadership, career/ministry development, finances, motivation and personal change.

It is a journey of spiritual, personal & professional discovery. LA will focus on where you are now, and moving you forward to a more meaningful future by expanding your perspective, and create new learning opportunities.

A Life Coach is similar to a personal fitness trainer, only the goal is for you to live a purpose-driven life to the best of your God given abilities.

Life Coaching is built on a relationship that assists people on a journey of discovery, connecting their passions, gifts, dreams and experiences while holding them accountable to achieve their goals. People, businesses and ministries grow with a life coach. Life is not just about goals, it is about purpose and meaningful success.


Life Coaching |Personal Development

General Life Coaching Objectives:

 Recognize your talents

 Assess your current opportunities & challenges

 Identify your values, priorities and passions

 Establish the specific outcomes to achieve

 Create a workable plan of action for success

 Cultivate deeper relationships

 Provide encouragement, resources and constructive accountability towards living your dreams


Transitional Strategy


 Identifying New & Relevant Opportunities

◊ Exploring Effective Resources

 Overcoming Obstacles

 Implementing Tangible Strategies


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