Become a Certified Life Coach

Questions to ask yourself if you are thinking of becoming a life coach:

  1. Are you a very self-aware and authentic person?
  2. Do you have a clear set of values that you live your life by?
  3. Are you aware of your gifts, talents and the value of your life’s experiences?
  4. Are you a good communicator (especially listening)?
  5. Do you believe that each person has a uniquely divine purpose?
  6. Do you have good rapport with others (trusting relationships)?
  7. Are you passionate about helping others pursue their dreams?
  8. Are you passionate about pursuing your dreams?

LA Coach Philosophy

LA believes that each coach has a unique blend of gifts, talents, experiences, passion and calling. LA’s goal is to empower and help facilitate resources, relationships and support services.


  1. LA will facilitate certified training for life coaching
  2. LA will provide Mentor coaching
  3. LA will provide organizational branding and marketing services
  4. LA will provide administrative & coaching tools
    • Client management application
    • Blog setup & website
    • Client leads
    • Client forms & tools
      • Client Discovery forms
      • Assessment Tools
      • Coaching agreement
      • Conference call/session recording setup & training
    • Workshop/seminar production & marketing assistance
    • Book publication assistance
  5. Team collaboration, rapport and support
  6. Affiliation with International Coaching organizations and resources

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